who is hunger g4mer?

Whats up everyone and a very warm welcome to my website HUNGERG4MER.com. Here you can follow my adventures on Xbox one. I play a wide variety of games but i especially enjoy games that contain some kind of crafting or survival - preferably both combined. I can do this for hours and hours. I guess it all started with Minecraft - a game i have played for many years. Some of you might remember all of the hide and seek, hunger games plus a ton of other mini games i created back in the days. You can find some of them by going to my Youtube channel. After five years of minecrafting i began to search for other survival games and i did try quite a few. The next game to really catch my attention was The Fun Pimps 7 Days to Die. To me 7dtd surely takes both survival and crafting games on to a whole new level. After playing this wicked game Minecraft was never really an option for me any more.

Though it was sad for me to leave all the efforts behind - it was actually a relief to move on so to speak. Though i kept on playing 7dtd even with the lack of stability the game had in the early days, i also began to play Far Cry Primal. It was really nice for my eyes to switch between playing these two games since the graphics in 7 days to die are horrible and are more or less outstanding in Far Cry. Another survival game i would like to recommend you people trying is This War of Mine which again is taking crafting and surviving to a different level. In this game you need to fight for your life in a war - not as soldiers but as civilian survivors.

Back in the days I used to play a lot of Fifa but now i am much more into Rocket League. Although i am really not a true champ at playing this game - i am really having a blast of both excitement and frustrations every time i play RL. What more can one ask? The game also offers a huge blend of play modes and ways to customize your favorite cars. Rocket League has actually just won the prize for being the most evolving game in 2017 at the British Academy Games Awards. I really cant think of anything else to say than - If you havent already then you best be on your way down to your local gamestore and pick this one up!

When relaxing i always do get comfortable in my couch with Prominence Poker. I have always been a huge fan of poker and even though the players are not using real life money in Prominence the fun still remains. Fighting for XP to gain in ranks while taunting each other during gameplay is surely bringing tension and joy to my household. With in-game currency you can buy outfits, table items, tattoes and much more. If i am really in the mood for some action shooting thrill, i enjoy games like Overwatch. Actually over the last couple of years i have started to appreciate games like Rocket League and Overwatch - a single game can be played in under 10 minutes.

After spending hundreds of hours playing Crossout and absolutely enjoying that game for days the latest update really ruined that game for me. I guess Targem and Gaijin decided to focus on getting new players and give less about old players. I have grinded real hard to get the stuff i have and they are worth less than nothing at this point - time to play something else. Instead i am really enjoying Epic GamesĀ“ Fornite Battle Royale. It took me a while to get used to this type of gameplay but now im having a blast. I have also bought PUBG but this game isnt working that well on the console yet - but im truly awaiting the next months patches and have high hopes for this game as well.

After season 4 i decided to leave Fortnite behind and re-installed Crossout. I didnt play Crossout for almost an entire year and a lot of things has changed. It is now way easier to achieve stuff actually worth the while. The grind is on!