December 25th 2017
Merry christmas everyone!! I cant believe another year has already gone by. Well i guess time flies when you are having fun! At the moment i am playing a lot of Fortnite Battle Royale while waiting for PUBG to get fully functional - hopefully soon. In the meantime im getting better and better playing these types of games. Thanks for checking in - enjoy the holidays!
November 19th 2017
Wohoo... Great news! Rocket League is once again playable. I have not been able to play the game since august but with the new update i am now officially back in business. And i must say that i have truly missed this awesome game. Whats worse is Crossout´s latest update basically ruined that game for me. Dunno what to do - thank god for Rocket League!
August 30th 2017
Hey everyone! Its been a while but im alive and kicking. I have started a second Youtube channel, YouGotOwnedToday. Do me a favor and go check it out. Im working on a website as we speak but all good things will come. My new video is a Minecraft video - yes i know - who would have guessed. I really thought i had left that game behind. Stay tuned...
July 24th 2017
Im back from the holidays and boy was it great. Those 3 weeks seemed like just 3 days. I have been playing a lot of Crossout and made a new video, showcasing my best build so far. Please do check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments. In the near future i will be making some Fortnite videos. Catch ya later!
June 18th 2017
Summer is upon us!! I got five workdays left before heading on a three weeks vacation. I will try to make another video or two before we take off for Spain in week 28. I have bought so many games lately but cant figure out which ones to record videos from. Any suggestions ya´ll? I could use some help or/and vacation !!
May 22nd 2017
Sorry!.. I know its been a while but as i explain in my latest video - things been kinda hectic. It was so nice to spend a couple of days making the video and i am so much looking forward to my vacation. In two months me and Misha will be on a plane to Punta Umbria, Spain. Hope to see you all again soon..!
April 18th 2017
I spend some days during easter redesigning the website. I personally think it was time well spend. The whole thing is much more brighter now and i really hope you will get a much better experience when visiting the site. Dont be shy - please let me know what you think about the whole thing !!
March 6th 2017
The first video in my new Rocket League rage quit series has been uploaded to Youtube. Make sure to give it a massive like if you want me to do more videos like this. Also make comments if you have some ideas for what games I should record new content from.
February 27th 2017
New Rocket League series coming soon. I have accepted a challenge to win 1vs1 matches by making players rage quit by using commentaries and reactions. The very first compilation is coming to you very very soon. So everyone stay tuned!
February 13th 2017
Yir yir! Im back on track with a brand new installed system. We didnt even bother trying to save the old system but simply went ahead and installed a new one. And boy was it worth the while. I also made a new intro for the newly added video. Please do enjoy!
February 6th 2017
Oh lord! I just got back from my vacation - only to find out that my system drive has malfunctioned. I am getting this fixed before the end of this week but sadly this means that no videos will be made untill then... Hang in there!
January 19th 2017
Happy new year!! I can now call myself a graduate. Yes! I managed to finish school and as promised i will put more time into making content for my youtube channel. Keep yourself posted on this page, facebook or youtube.